Pain in Pregnancy and Childhood: Refresher Course Sept 26, 2016 – Here are the handouts of our 3 presentations:

Stefan J. Friedrichsdorf, MD, FAAP (USA) [Twitter: @NoNeedlessPain] Prevention and Treatment of Pain in Hospitalized Infants, Children and Teenagers: From Myths and Morphine to Multimodal Analgesia: HANDOUT Advanced Pain IASP FRIEDRICHSDORF plus Pediatric Analgesia Starting Doses2015 Pain reference printable flyer

Professor Alison Twycross (United Kingdom) [Twitter @alitwy] Pain Assessment in Children: pain assessment in children IASP final.pptx

Massimo Allegri MD, FIPP (Italy) [Twitter: @allegri_massimo] PAIN MANAGEMENT IN PREGNANCY AND LACTATIONiasp massimo allegri.key




The Department of Pain Medicine, Palliative Care & Integrative Medicine at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota is expanding and our fabulous team is seeking candidates for the following positions in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN (USA):

(1) Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) in Pediatric Pain and Palliative Care. Download posting here: APRN Job Posting 08AUG2016

(2) Associate Medical Director Pediatric Pain Medicine:

(3) Associate Medical Director Pediatric Palliative Care:

(4) Pediatric physician in pain medicine and palliative care:


Feel free to contact me with any questions,

kind regards,

Stefan J. Friedrichsdorf, MD, FAAP

Medical Director, Department of Pain Medicine, Palliative Care & Integrative Medicine, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, University of Minnesota





Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

The Department of Pain Medicine, Palliative Care, and Integrative Medicine at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota is seeking a pediatric physician in pain medicine and palliative care.

For further details, please check the positing by clicking on the link: Consultant Pain PPC posting 13MAy2016



Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

The Department of Pain Medicine, Palliative Care, and Integrative Medicine at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota is seeking an Associate Medical Director Pediatric Palliative Care

For further details, please review the following job posting: Associate Director PPC Posting



Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota is one of the largest freestanding pediatric health care systems in the United States, with more than 4,800 employees, 385 staffed beds (50% of those in intensive care) at its two hospitals in St. Paul and Minneapolis and 26 primary and specialty clinics throughout the Twin Cities (3.5 million inhabitants in the metro area). An independent, not-for-profit health care system, Children’s of Minnesota provides care through more than 14,600 inpatient admissions, 20,800 surgical cases, 8,800 home visits, and more than 96,200 emergency room and 314,000 clinic visits every year.

 The Department of Pain Medicine, Palliative Care, and Integrative Medicine at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota is seeking an 

Associate Medical Director Pediatric Pain Medicine

For more information about this position, please download: Assoc Dir Pain job pain posting


Stefan J. Friedrichsdorf, MD, FAAP: Pediatric Grand Rounds. Stanford Children’s Health. Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, Stanford, CA. Feb 12, 2015

Pain Management in Hospitalized Children – From Schrödinger’s Cat and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle to Myths, Morphine and Multimodal Analgesia.

Click following link to watch video of this grand rounds lecture (58 minutes)


Learning Objectives:

  • Critically review risks & safety of analgesic under-treatment versus over-treatment in hospitalized infants & children with pain
  • Evaluate assumptions about opioid use in children
  • Discuss how multiple agents, interventions, rehabilitation, psychological & integrative therapies act synergistically for more effective pediatric pain control with fewer side effects than a single analgesic or modality – and improves patient experience
  • Explore how principles of quantum physics might explain effectiveness of pediatric pain treatment modalities

Link to brochure: Pain Clinic Grand Opening

Media Coverage:

Kare11 Minneapolis/St.Paul (NBC): Innovative kids’ pain clinic opens in Twin Cities (Jan 15, 2015)

WCCO 4 News At 6: Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis officially opened a pain clinic unlike any other in the country, reports Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield (Jan. 15, 2015)

Star Tribune: Clinic taps into the senses to relax and soothe hurting children. (Jan 19, 2015)

Children’s new Pain, Palliative & Integrative Medicine Clinic opens new doors

Minneapolis /St. Paul Business Journal: Children’s Hospitals opens expanded pain therapy clinic (Jan 15, 2015):

Minneapolis/St.Paul Magazine: Horst Rechelbacher’s legacy: $ 3.1 Million New Healing Environment Pain, Palliative & Integrative Medicine Clinic at Children’s of MN (Oct 2014)

Kiran Stordalen and late Horst Rechelbacher discuss integrative medicine with Dr. Stefan Friedichsdorf and their generous gift to create the Kiran Stordalen and Horst Rechelbacher Pediatric Pain, Palliative and Integrative Medicine Clinic at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. (Oct 2014)

CBS: Horst Rechelbacher and Kiran Stordalen give $1.5M to Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota for new pain, palliative and integrative medicine clinic (Oct 2014)



9th AnnualPediatric Pain Master Class

Presented by Children’s Institute for Pain and Palliative Care, Department of Pain Medicine, Palliative Care & Integrative Medicine, Children’s Hospitals and Clinic of Minnesota; June 11-17, 2016 in Minneapolis, MN

Registration now open:

Contact if any questions

The Pediatric Pain Master Class offers state of the art education in pain management for the pediatric patient from a holistic and interdisciplinary perspective. The program will cover pharmacological, medical,psychosocial and integrative therapies in the management of children’s acute, procedural, and complex/chronic pain. Pain assessment and management of somatic, visceral, neuropathic, psychosocial andspiritual pain as well as end-of-life management of pain and distressing symptoms will be explored in depth.

The master class is primarily designed for physicians and advanced practice nurses to develop their expertise in the field of pain management in a highly interactive seminar format. Other disciplines are of course welcome.

Two competitive scholarships will be awarded to physicians from low to moderate income countries working in the field of pediatric pain and/or palliative care. The two-week scholarship consists of a one-weekpracticum with the pain, palliative and integrative medicine team at Children’s and registration for the 9th annual Pediatric Pain Master Class. Application guidelines can be found on the registration site.

Course director: Stefan J. Friedrichsdorf, MD, FAAP, medical director, department of pain medicine, palliative care and integrative medicine, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

Course co-director: Kavita M. Desai, PhD, LP, psychologist, department of pain medicine, palliative care and integrative medicine, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

For more information about our program:

Invited Faculty 2016 includes:

KJS “Sunny” Anand, MBBS, DPhil—Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA

Carl von Baeyer, PhD—University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA

David Burns, MD—Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center & Children’s Hospital, Spokane, WA, USA

Marsha Campbell-Yeo, PhD, RN, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Christine Chambers, PhD, RPsych—Centre for Pediatric Pain Research, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CA

James Giordano, PhD, MPhil—Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, DC, USA

Julie Hauer, MD—Pediatric Neuro-Palliative Care Consultant, Newton, MA, USA

Leora Kuttner, PhD—British Columbia Children’s Hospital, Vancouver, British Columbia, CA

Joan Marsden, International Children’s Palliative Care Network, Bloemfontein, South Africa

Michael Sangster, MBA, BSc (PT)—Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Bonnie Stevens, PhD, RN, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, ONT, Canada

Dick Tibboel, MD, PhD Sophia Children’s Hospital, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Terri Voepel-LewisPhD, RN, Ann Arbor, MI

Steven J. Weisman, MD—Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI, USA

Joanne Wolfe, MD, MPH—Dana Farber Cancer Institute & Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA, USA

William T. Zempsky, MD, MPH, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Hartfort, CT


8th Annual Pediatric Pain Master Class: June 20-26, 2015 in Minneapolis, MN (USA): Download here the complete brochure and agenda:  2015 Pain Master Class Brochure

(2016 Pain Master Class Brochure will be posted in January 2016)


SCHOLARSHIP for 9th Pediatric Pain Master Class plus 1-week Practicum

June 6-17, 2016 for physicians from low-moderate income countries: Guidelines available at: 

(Click to download): Application Guidelines for 2016

Past Scholars include:

2015: Rakesh Sharma, MD, from Shimla, Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla; India

2015: Issrang Nuchprayoon, MD, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok; Thailand

2014: Wendy Cristhyna Gómez García, MD, Dr. Robert Reid Cabral Children’s Hospital, Dominican Republic 


2014: Cornelius Kondwani Huwa, MD. Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Palliative Care Support Trust, Malawi

2013: Mercedes BernadaMD. Professional Faculty, Department of Pediatrics, Central Hospital Pereira Rossell, Uruguay

2013: Catherine Segbefia, MD. Clinical Tutor, Department of Child Health, University of Ghana School of Medicine, Ghana

2012: Juan Carlos Irola Moya, MD. Pediatric Palliative Care Physician, National Children’s Hospital, Costa Rica

2012: Julius X. Scott, MD, Associate Professor, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, Sri Ramachandra Medical University, India

2012: Damte Shimelis, MD, Department of Pediatrics and Child Health, Addis Ababa University, School of Medicine, Ethiopia

2011: María Carolina Kamel, MD, Medical Supervisor Pediatrics & Assoc. Clinical Officer, Miguel Pérez Carreño Hospital, Venezuela

2011: Anna Sonkin, MD, Attending Pediatric Physician, Moscow Scientific-Practical Center for Pediatric Cranio-Facial Surgery/Neuropathology, Russia

2010: Linge Gowda, MD, Professor and Head, Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Bangalore, India

2010: Jinxiang Li, MD, Department of Palliative Medicine, The West China Fourth Hospital of Sichuan University, China

2009: Michelle Meiring, MD, Pediatric Physician, Bigshoes Paediatric Palliative Care Services, Capetown, South Africa

2009: Thao Tran, MD, Pediatric Physician, Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine Children’s Hospital, Vietnam


8th Annual Pediatric Pain Master Class – Selected Participant Comments

  • Stefan and his team’s PMC is probably the most intensive educational course I’ve ever done – it is a stunningly thorough coverage of the field of pediatric pain medicine, both broad & deep. The use of interactive feedback, and instant access to a plethora of resources electronically, and experiential aspects (as well as the excellent food, and the two social & one clinical visit provided a welcome balance to the early starts and long days. It truly is an amazing course. Thank you! Paul Vroegop, MD, Auckland, New Zealand
  • This course has invigorated me to become a leader of institutional change at my hospital – it’s time to make children’s comfort a given. Whether using nitrous oxide, topical anesthetics, distraction or advocating for 3 P approach in chronic pain and regional anesthesia at the end of life, comfort possibilities are endless if we just make them a priority. Katherine O’Connor, MD, Bronx, NY
  • Amazing & practical course, packed with entertaining speakers and real-world advice. Really game-changing. Molly Williams, FRACP, Melbourne VIC, Australia
  • This class has opened my eyes to pediatric pain and has made me realize that pain does not have to be a frustrating process and can change. This course should be a must for every pediatric provider to be able to continue to shift thinking in pediatric pain management. The concept of no needless pain/comfort promise is a concept that should absolutely be implemented in every children’s hospital and doctors office in the country (and world!). It has been empowering to want to make a change. J.D. USA
  • Wow, what an amazing course, truly integrated approach. I have learnt so much and it has been a brilliant experience. This seven day course had been a unique experience, the blend of lecturers really works well. You have a fantastic clinic and a really amazing team of people you work with. I will be recommending this amazing course to my colleagues back in the UK. Thank You. Julie Bayliss, Rn, RSCN, BSC Med, London, UK
  • The Pain Master Class was an amazing opportunity to not only (greatly) increase my knowledge on pediatric pain management, but also change my attitude on chronic and procedural pain. The many skills I learned at this course will directly translate to improved patient care. Melissa Acquazzino, MD, Milwaukee, WI
  • As an Emergency Physician I am an expert at managing acute pain, but have had challenging experiences with chronic pain and palliative care patients. Following this course I will bring increased enthusiasm and confidence to my interactions with these patients as I start to use some of my skills and knowledge I have gained. And I will go forward and strive to increase my advocacy for optimal pain management for all infants, children and young people. Jocelyn Neutze, MD, Auckland, New Zealand
  • The pain master class should be required education for every provider who sees a substantial number of pediatric patients with acute and chronic pain, and every provider who want to take a greater leadership role in pediatric pain/palliative care at their institution.
  • A comprehensive and wide ranging course on pediatric pain & palliative care. The speakers are world renowned in their field & are able to distil the clinically relevant aspects of their field. Highly recommended.
  • This was one of the most effective and enjoyable learning activites I have participated in. The approach was multi-modal, multi-faceted & modeled was taught (attitude, skill, knowledge). The time & money spent was the best use of those resources thus far in my career. Anyone who cares for children will benefit from the knowledge, resources, collegiality, networking & inspiration that this course provides. Christine Zawistowski, MD, New York, NY
  • I appreciate the chance to attend this wonderful conference. […] I noticed Japanese are indifferent to pediatric pain. I’m trying to eliminate the needless pain from now on. Yuko Cho, MD, PhD, Sapporo, Japan
  • This class has transformed the way I view pain in pediatrics. It has given me so many tips and methods to help any pediatric patient cope with the variety of things that happen in a hospital and I am really looking forward to making a positive change at my hospital.
  • Thank you for such a fantastic learning opportunity. This dynamic course has provided practical training and methods that I will be able to use immediately to improve the care that I give to children. Wonderful teachers and speakers. So refreshing to be with company of like-minded colleagues and innovative leaders in the field. M.B., Chicago, IL
  • Dear Stefan, Thank you and your team so much for this amazing course. You really found, addressed and taught the sweet spot of holistic, child-centered pain management. Besides this, I appreciated that you provided teaching methodology and skills as well as the implementation lectures. It was an exciting experience meeting you and your team and all the other excellent speakers and the colleagues from all over the world. It will be skill-changing for sure. Thank You. Kathrin Knochel, MD, Munic, Germany
  • Starting a career in palliative care- this course provided the knowledge base confidence to get started. Karen-Rose Wilson, MD, Calgary, Aleberta, Canada
  • This has been a fantastic course. It has provided both inspiration to strive for better pain management program for children and a solid foundation via confident, evidence-based manner. Any reservations about developing comprehensive pain program for pediatrics at my institution have been entirely removed through my participation in this course. Bradd Henker, MD, Coon Rapids, MI
  • This week was a feast for the mind, body and spirit – a very comprehensive overview of the field of Pain Management in children. Kaylani Raghavan, MD, MBBC, DCH, Hartford, CT
  • The Pain Master Class is a one of a kind course that raises the bar on pain management. The course focuses on pediatric pain management, palliative care and integrative medicine with international leaders in the field lending their expertise to this endeavor. As someone with extensive training in pain management already – I still felt that this course was extremely valuable to my practice. Alexander J. Madonis, MD, Los Angeles, CA
  • In the 16 years that I practiced pediatric oncology, and the 7 years of pediatric palliative medicine & hospice, I have never attended a conference that so fundamentally changed the way I think about how to care for / treat children that even remotely compares to this one. Bob Bash, MD, Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL
  • It was an extremely useful course. I will go back to my hospital with a more profound knowledge of all aspects of pediatric pain. Thank you! Join Verlooy, MD, Antwerp, Belgium
  • A well organized course with high content value. The presentation were par excellance and kept everyone glued. Created an opportunity to learn extensively in the field of pain management and the recent advances in the field. Rakesh Sharma, MD, India

7th Annual Pediatric Pain Master Class – Selected Participant Comments

  • This was an amazing class. I learned so much that is directly applicable to my own practice, both to the whole program and individual patients. I am inspired and rejuvenated to return to work. Mary Beth Chrismaeich, MD, St. Louis, MO
  • Stefan is a wonderful and innovative teacher, but even beyond that he really does bring the best people on the planet to teach the various domains in the course. Caitlin Neri, MD, MPH, Boston, MA
  • I loved all the resources provided. The fabulous networking activities were a great touch to make it even more special. Thank you! I will recommend this conference to my colleagues. Life changing! Anonymously
  • The lectures and experimental activities are based on equal parts compassion and evidence best practice… Sarah Fehr, RN, MSN
  • The lessons are largely practical and applicable even in my setting in Malawi. This will change the way pain is managed and viewed in children in Malawi. Cornelius Huwa, MD, Blantyre, Malawi (Africa)
  • I have gained knowledge and skills that I will start using Monday morning…My patients and their families are no doubt better off as a result of me taking this master class. Dr. N.P., Mesa, AZ
  • It is not often in our professional career that we have the fortune to experience a comprehensive course by worldwide experts in one location. Rebekah Holpira
  • Thanks for helping instill confidence in my management and my ability to affect change in pain management within my own institution. Mona Reed, MD
  • The days are long, but the learning is immense and relevant, fun and immediately usable. After a long day, you leave the course feeling energized and ready to begin again in the morning. Anonymously
  • Our days were filled with superb speakers who were all masters of their craft, simple to complex material was effectively communicated with innovative learning strategies and resources were provided to prepare us to be change agent for our return home. Debra Davis, APRN
  • Phenomenal, comprehensive, evidence-based, well-organized course … everything needed to start a pain program or to enhance / grow an existing program. S.D., NY, USA
  • I feel significantly more competent to care for my patients…This course has the highest proportion of truly excellent presenters of any course/meeting I have attended. Robert J. Brown, MD, Los Angeles, CA






Here is a list of current

US Pediatric Palliative Care Physician Fellowship Programs

Thanks to Joanne Wolfe, Boston, in compiling this information !!!

(1) Akron Children’s Hospital Pediatric Palliative Medicine Fellowship (2 slots) Contact: Cathy Kelly-Langen, MD – or 330-543-3343



(2) Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Emory University School of Medicine (Pediatric Track) Contact: Jeffrey C Klick, MD –



(3) Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (2 slots)  Contact:  Jennifer K. Hwang, MD MHS



(4) Children’s of Alabama Palliative & Supportive Care Team/University of Alabama at Birmingham (Pediatric Track, not dedicated position)  Contact: Michael Barnett, MD MS  or (205) 975-8197



(5) Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Hospice & Palliative Care Fellowship (2 slots)

Contact: Marybeth Sullivan, fellowship coordinator

Contact: Norb Weidner, MD  Director



(6) Jefferson Medical College Program – Wilmington DE

Nemours/duPont Hospital for Children HPM Fellowship (Pediatric Track)

Contact: Elissa Miller, MD



(7) Harvard Palliative Care Fellowship (Pediatric Track) (2 slots)

Contact: Joanne Wolfe, MD MPH  pediatric fellowship director

Contact: James F. Fitzgerald  fellowship coordinator



(8) Kaiser Permanente Southern California Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship (Pediatric Track at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles)

Contact: Susan Wang,MD or Ilanit Brook, MD (CHLA Palliative care physician)



(9) Northwestern University Palliative Medicine Fellowship (Pediatric Track, not dedicated position) Contact: Joshua Hauser, MD Contact: Joel Frader, MD



(10) University of Florida Jacksonville (Pediatric Track)

There is also an adult track – 1 position for each year.




(11) University of Michigan Ann Arbor Palliative Care Fellowship (Pediatric Track)

Applicants require funding from home institution

Contact: Terry Murphy



(12) University of Minnesota: Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship (Pediatric Track)

Department of Pain Medicine, Palliative Care and Integrative Medicine, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

Contact: Kris Catrine, MD , Pediatric Fellowship Director



(13) University of Mississippi / Batson Children’s Hospital, Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship (Pediatric Track, 1 slot)

Contact: Rick Boyte, MD, Fellowship Director,

Contact: Daphne Secrest, Fellowship Coordinator,


(14) University of Tennessee Palliative Care Fellowship (Pediatric Track) (2 slots)

Contact:  Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital site director:  Melody Cunningham, MD:

Contact:  St Jude Children’s Research Hospital site director:  Justin Baker, MD:

Contact: Fellowship Coordinator:  Catina Price;



(15)  University of Texas Medical School at Houston Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship (Pediatric Track, not dedicated position)

Contact: John Halphen, MD  Fellowship Director

Contact: Patrick Jones, MD Pediatric Track Director



(16) University of Washington Palliative Medicine Fellowship (Pediatric Track, not dedicated position)

Contact: Ross Hays, MD

Contact: Fellowship Coordinator, Betsy Zickler